A Weekend in Aberfeldy


Each year we have a few days away with Alan’s side of the family. Us, Alan’s parents, brothers, their wives and children. A lovely wee tradition so it is. This started when his brothers had their children…..pre-Tom we weren’t invited, much to our relief! Of course, times have changed and staying at home nursing a two-day hangover is our life no more. So, we’re now 5 years into this lovely tradition. So far we’ve been to Center Parcs twice, Crieff once and we’ve had our second year in the beautiful Aberfeldy, Perthshire.

We like this destination…not least because we are the owners of two little beings who HATE car journeys. Tom can be placated with technology these days but Lois…..we barely get out of our village before she’s eaten all the snacks and defeated us with her screams for the dummy. Typically this will buy us about 6 minutes of peace before chaos ensues. Anyway, I digress. Our holiday….

We stay in the cottages at Moness Resort. They’re great value for money and perfect for us as we will gather in the biggest cottage each night to cook and drink copious amounts of wine and there’s a little courtyard area out the front where the kids can play. We like that there is a swimming pool on site too so there’s a rainy day option.

We had some lunch at the Three Lemons in town when we arrived on Sunday. This is a great place to eat with kids. Relaxed and friendly and the food is great, with some good choices for the kids.

We then had a great couple of days walking, eating, drinking wine, swimming, eating, walking some more and then doing some more eating/drinking wine.

I even learnt something, thanks to a LONNNGGGG walk that we were entirely unprepared for (by that I mean we didn’t bring enough snacks to keep our two greedy gannets going). The trail was entitled The Birks of Aberfeldy and for those of you in the know, this was named as such because our national poet Robert Burns got his inspiration to write the poem when he visited here. I had no time to read the history of the walk (hence taking the picture below to look back on) as Lois was walking at this point and needed all eyes on her as she would actually wander off a bridge if given the chance. So I only found this out when we decided to head back and Tom had a rest in the actual spot where old Rabbie sat and felt inspired to write it.


Other things I learnt on this trip

  1. There is literally nothing to gain from attempting to ‘pack light’ on a trip you’re going in the car. Yes you can save some time in loading up the car and some time when you get back and you’re unpacking clean clothes. But what you won’t be doing is unpacking a gro bag that your toddler was sick on (twice) and had to be rinsed and reused because you didn’t pack an extra one.
  2. For goodness sake don’t spend all morning helping your 4-year-old pack his backpack (including removing 4 hats and a pair of dinosaur slippers and putting in some actual toys and books) and then leave without it. Just don’t!
  3. Don’t trust the weather forecast. Ours said we were in for high winds and a full day of rain. What we got was beautiful sunshine. Which we ‘enjoyed’ in our winter coats on our two hour hike.
  4. Calling a walk ‘an explore’ is everything. And results in your 4-year-old declaring Aberfeldy ‘just amazing’. For once Tom, we’re in full agreement.






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