Why We Sold Our Beautiful House

What a few months it has been. Actually, what a 12 months it’s been. Last September Alan and I viewed the empty NHS building right next door to our house. We only went to see it out of nosiness, with no real intentions of doing anything with it. However after seeing the size of the building and the potential to do our own grand design project we started to think more seriously about it. So we decided to put in a really low offer and see where it would take us. After going to a closing date and then making us wait weeks afterwards we found out that our offer had been accepted.

That was the start of what was to be a really stressful following 10 months. We sold our house really quickly (as we had agreed to complete the sale within weeks of getting planning permission to turn the building into a residential property) and our buyers were extremely patient in agreeing a move in date, while we awaited the planning permission, then contended with the collapse of a ceiling, multiple building and mortgage surveys and a whole lot of to-ing and fro-ing as no one seemed to really know how to process this sale of a commercial building which was to become residential eventually. Our initial agreed completion date on both properties was in March. This came and went, as did the revised dates in April, May and June.

FINALLY on 27th July 2017 we managed to move over the finishing line, almost a full 12 months after initially viewing the property. This was days after we gave up living out of boxes and moved in with the in-laws, knowing fine well that we may end up having to move back into the old house again if it fell through. I told Alan multiple times over the last few months that I was done and just wanted to stay put. Thankfully he was able to see the end goal otherwise we wouldn’t be where we are now. Which is living with his parents, in cramped quarters with our kids taking over their every space, and coming to the realisation that we can’t REALLY afford this great project idea of ours! Yikes!

Also, because we’ve bought the building next door, we get to see the new owners making our old home their new home. You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you see your ex with someone new? It’s like that every time I see the old house! Which is beautiful and has the best cherry blossom tree in the garden and the loveliest bay window, while our new home is UGLY. So UGLY! But it just needs some love…and a whole lot of money spent on it and it too will be beautiful…..hopefully!

So, with that in mind, I thought this ‘adventure’ is definitely worth recording. So please do check back on the blog to see how we’re getting on. Feel free to send words of encouragement (or donations, if you’re that way inclined 😉 ) our way. In the meantime, see below for the first batch of ‘before’ pictures.





7 thoughts on “Why We Sold Our Beautiful House

  1. Leanne Paton

    Nice of them to leave u some furniture lol 😀

    It will be sooo worth it once it’s all done and you’ve put your own stamp on it, just imagine sitting in your lovely garden an looking and “thinking we did that” x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. amummoreordinary

      Tell me about it. Furniture, fire extinguishers, paper towel holders, an intruder alarm that has been going off since we saw the house 12 months ago…..etc etc 😉 It’s going to be tough going but at least it’s our now and we can crack on and actually get excited about it all! Cx


  2. ohheywow

    OOHH. You don’t know me but I’m all about HGTV and home renovation shows. I can’t wait to see the progress on this house! It looks like a lot of work but I’m positive it will end up beautiful! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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