Best Lunch Spots in Fife with Kids

After the massive response to my recent post ’10 Hidden Gems in Fife for Kids’ I realised that lots of parents, like me, are looking for something new to do with the kids and it’s often hard to think of somewhere to go or something to do. I know from doing research for that post and for this how hard it is to find information like this in one place. So I’ve decided I’ll do a little series focusing on the Central Belt of Scotland and hopefully some of you will find some new ideas, or, you can share with me some of yours like you did last time.

As you may have noticed last time. I do have a penchant for an afternoon out which involves food! I’m not sure about you but we don’t eat out nearly as often as we’d like (though, it’s often enough that I’m working on my recommendations for those rare date nights….watch this space), and as kids can often be little monkeys in the evenings, we tend to focus our family meals out on lunch. It just works better for us.

When we eat out with the kids it’s important to us to be in an environment that is child friendly so we don’t feel anxious if the kids are a little loud. The food also needs to be good. I know that seems obvious but there are a lot of places that might have one of the above and not the other. It costs a lot to eat out and so I just aint willing to eat bad food. So there! And on the topic of cost, I know how expensive it can be to do ANYTHING with children so all of the below places are very reasonably priced.

With all of this in mind, I have put together my top lunch spots in Fife with kids. So, in no particular order feast (get it?!) your eyes on this lovely lot.

  1. The Peppermill Bothy

I know, I know, this made it on to my list last time. However, it really does tick all the boxes when you want to eat a nice lunch with the kids. There’s a great selection of food for both the adults and children, including soups, sandwiches, Quiche and hot rolls. And the children’s menu is spot on. They can choose from soup, toast with jam or peanut butter, a wee platter, milkshakes and even ice cream floats. And the cakes! Seriously! They are to die for. The family who run the café are really friendly and the kids can get down to some serious fun in the play corner while they’re waiting on their food. There’s also a lovely, fully enclosed courtyard for those sunny days and you can rest assured they are safe while you’re tucking in to the afore-mentioned cake.

2. Loch Leven’s Larder

An award-winning family run business that encompasses a restaurant, deli, shop and, importantly – a park and nature trail – Loch Leven’s larder is the perfect place for an afternoon out. With a huge focus on locally sourced produce, the food is great quality. The staff are also really lovely and it’s really nice to not just eat and run because the little ones have got itchy feet! Take yourselves outside for a play at the park, check out the nature trail, or head to the loch for an explore.


3. Walled Garden

This really is a hidden gem. It’s not the easiest to find, but when you get there it’s worth it. The food is tasty and reasonably priced. The garden is beautiful as are the views and you can combine your visit with a walk in the surrounding area, or jump back in the car to the next stop, Devilla Forest, which is great for a walk or cycle with the little uns. As long as you’re ok with the loos being situated in a beautifully decorated hut a short walk from the café and the fact they don’t take card then you’re winning.

4. Dobbies Dunfermline

You’re living under a rock if you don’t know Dobbies! I love it because they do good cakes and there’s a pick and mix lunch selection that Tom LOVES. I love it because it has a little microwave to heat up baby food yourself. I love it because there’s a little play area outside and I love it because our children love a garden centre explore – there’s fish, play houses, water features and toys to look at! I especially love it at Christmas time (which is incidentally, just around the corner. No September is NOT too soon ;)) when they have their decorations out and it smells immense, and they do a Santa’s grotto and lunch with the big guy himself!!

5. St Andrews Waffle Company

Ooh this place is goooooooood! Unless you’re not a fan of waffles, in which case I’d just skip on to number 5. However, for the rest of you, if you haven’t tried it, do! There’s a massive selection of both sweet and savoury waffles so something for all tastes. Plus the kids will be sure to love it. Especially once they spot the luxury hot chocolate and ice cream shakes on offer. The service is friendly but the only thing to be aware of is it is a small café so if you’re going with a pram you might struggle a little for space.

6. Anstruther Fish Bar

What child doesn’t love chips? If you’re in Fife and you want to treat your wee ones to a chippie it HAS to be from the multi award-winning Anstruther Fish Bar. If it’s good enough for the Duchess of Cornwall it’s good enough for me! Famed for its taste, locally sourced ingredients and friendliness, if you’re visiting this area of Fife you need to check it out. It has a seating area and also a take away service if you prefer to catch some sea air while you’re eating. Be warned – it gets extremely busy! My tip – if there’s more than one adult in your group, one adult should queue while the other/s entertain the kids outside. Also, we tend to queue up earlier than we’d normally eat as we’re often waiting 40 minutes to be served and that way the kids aren’t in full meltdown mode by the time you arrive with the food. We like to eat outside, then pop back in afterwards for one of their ice creams…we’re greedy like that!

8. The Court House Kinross

Located in the former court buildings in Kinross with the prison yard which is now the enclosed patio space (thumbs up when you have a ‘curious’ toddler running around), this is a really gorgeous building and food aint too bad either. They specialise in homemade pizzas and also do great sharing boards. We like a wee stop off here after visiting the swimming pool in Kinross, which incidentally, do a family session where they raise the floor of the pool for the kids – great idea. Anyway, The Court House – get along, order pizza and entertain your little ones with stories of the scoundrels who’ve passed through its doors.

9. Muddy Boots

Again I know this was on my list last time but it needed to be added again because of their child friendly approach to food! There’s lots to choose from and Tom especially loves the selection of food that is served in an egg box! Things like this excite kids so it’s nice to have mealtimes be fun! The cafe has this beautiful big log burner in the centre of the room which makes a visit during the Autumn/Winter months a must! Plus it has the obvious pull of the adventure play with its bouncy pillows, go-karts, sand pits and indoor barn. It’s a great day out and cheap in comparison to some of the others out there.

So there you have it, my top eats in Fife with kids. Hopefully this list has provided a little inspiration and no doubt, some of you will know of some other gems. So, as always, if you can provide me with some inspiration too, please let me know 🙂



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