Check Out Our Autumn Plans

It’s the last day of the school term today here in Fife and seeing everyone’s lovely posts about Autumn recently have gotten me a bit excited myself about this season. Let’s face it, it’s usually overlooked as everyone is beginning to think about winter and the C word that I won’t mention!

So, I thought it would be nice to put together a little to-do list for our family for Autumn. It’s all pretty easy and mainly free to do so it shouldn’t be difficult. And it helps when thinking about what to do with the kids in the holidays to have a little plan.

I do have my own personal list which includes the obvious kind of stuff:

  1. Stop shaving legs
  2. Reduce hair washing to twice a week
  3. Buy a winter hat because of point 2
  4. Complain about how cold it is
  5. Buy a winter coat because of point 4

Most of you ladies will probably already have that list in the bag so let us turn our attention back to family activities. We have a lovely little mini break planned in Northumberland with some friends so we’re really excited about that and I have noted some other plans below.

Our Autumn To-Do List

What’s on your list? Do let me know as I’m ALWAYS looking for some new ideas. unless it’s crafting. In which case my skills extend to sticking leaves on a bit of paper! If you’re based in Fife and looking for some other ideas do check out some of my other posts in the Fife Life section of the website.



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