Best Parks in Fife

Hey Fifers,

Anyone else sick to death of the sight of their local park? I am! But the kids love a park visit and it keeps them entertained for so long (unless your park is a little sad and tired like our current one!)

Days out with the kids can be an expensive business, by the time you’ve paid for wherever you’re going, travel, lunch and whatever crap treat you buy them while you’re there. This is where the park comes in. It’s expense free. And if you get a good one you can get a good part of the day out of it. So let’s get excited by the park again!

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1. Culross

As you will have noticed from the Hidden Gems in Fife post, I LOVE Culross. I grew up here and never appreciated its beauty but really do now. The park here is new and has something for all ages. The slide is a lighthouse. It has a tunnel, it has sand, it has balance beams and it has picnic benches, a small beach right next to it and of course, the rest of the beautiful village if the kids do happen to get bored.

2. Pittencrief Public Park

Dunfermline’s public park, or ‘The Glen’ as we like to call it, is huge and has 3 playparks, lots of space to walk and explore, an old steam train, a cafe with small soft play, public toilets, squirrels galore and even the odd peacock. Definitely take a walk through the woodland areas and check out the glasshouse and Japanese gardens too.

3. Limekilns

The only downside to this park is the lack of public toilets (unless I’m mistaken and they’re really well hidden?) It’s not a huge park but what they do have is quality and (added bonus if you’re a little unsociable like me), it’s normally quite quiet. Take a wee stroll down to the beach too if you have time. It’s beautiful.

4. Lochore Meadows

Not sure I know of a child in Fife who doesn’t love the meedies. It has some crazy high slides, sand, climbing areas, swings, zip-slide and the loch right next to it which is great for a walk/cycle round. It gets super busy here at the weekends and in holidays and they often have bouncy castles and the like too.

5. Beveridge Park

Another massive public park you can easily spend a day here. Their pirate themed play areas are a hit and the kids love feeding the ducks at the loch. If you fancy an explore check out the poetry circle, great for an ‘adventure picnic’ as we like to call it!

6. Craigtoun Country Park

We absolutely love a visit to this park as there is SO MUCH to do. Playpark, ziplines, trampolines and even a fairy garden call all be enjoyed for free. Or, if you have a little cash there are a few paid for attractions: a little railway ride, tractor rides, the boating lake, bouncy castles and pedal cars to name but a few. Individual rides are £1.50 or day tickets are £8 – under 3s go free. It’s really great value as the everything is close together and the kids can go on the each attraction as much as they want with a day ticket.

7. Townhill

Townhill has seen a lot of investment of late thanks to its fantastic Community Council. As well as the usual play parks it also has a cycle track for the kids which mimics real roads, with crossings and road signs and everything. We also really like the mining heritage part of the park with its storytelling corner and wooden train. Oh and if you’re looking for a little something to eat try out The Junket cafe or The Loch Cafe both of which are great locally run businesses with awesome CAKE!

So there you have it. What are you waiting for? Grab yourself a picnic and get yourself to the park.

And of course as always, send me your recommendations too.

Happy Autumn.





2 thoughts on “Best Parks in Fife

  1. A Ferguson

    Burntisland also has a hidden gem of a park. It’s got an entire water feature that invokes getting water from one end of the structure to the other. It has water jets (more pleasurable in summer than winter granted, but the heater in the car and loud music to drown out sneezes covers that). There is also the beach just through the tunnel.

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