The Renovation Journey #2

Update number 2 finds us with a house that still looks like a complete building site with only 6 weeks till we want to move in. We’re almost two weeks behind schedule with an aim to move in on December 10th now.

Our windows are pretty much in but we realised our bedroom window looks ridiculous as it’s too big and squashed right up against one wall. So now we’re having to remove this, build up a wall, move the window to the left and put in a smaller window. We also made an error with some privacy glass that we thought would look cool while providing privacy from our people being able to look in. Mistake. So, that also has to be removed and replaced. And we also found some rotting floorboards so these need replaced/repaired which is taking some time to fix. So I think it’s a bit of a race against time to get the prep work done in time for the heating to be done next week.

It’s definitely ticking along though and looking like a house now though as all the rooms are formed. We’ve taken receipt of the kitchen so that is sitting patiently waiting to be installed. We’ve also started to order some little bits and pieces of décor. Though just the essentials as we’re going to run out of money pretty soon and some things need to wait until the end of January. Sad face!

Alan has been helping the builders by doing what he can at the weekends and on Sunday I was roped in to helping with the underfloor insulation. Jeezo, that is dirty, time-consuming and tedious work. In an hour we managed about a quarter of one room. It’ll be worth it, but doing something that takes so long and you can’t actually see, oh it’s a bit of a killer for the soul. I did enjoy my mask though. Almost as much as I enjoyed making Alan stay in this hole while I ran to get my phone. Cheers bud!

Over the next week or so it’s all about levelling out the bathroom floor (two cupboards knocked into one, one with a concrete floor and the other floorboards. How?!) fixing the rotting floorboards, fitting our doors, plastering and taping and having the heating installed.

Hopefully next week we’ll see a huge difference and it won’t feel like a pipe dream to be in by Christmas.

And maybe I can share some pretty pictures and you won’t be subjected to more of the above boring updates!

Lets be honest, all we be caring about is the décor anyway. Am I right?!



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