5 Great Value Christmas Activities in Fife

Ooh, I love Christmas.

More so than ever since having my children. I want to make it completely magical for them and have lots of festive days.

Every year though I’m torn between wanting to do ALL the great Christmassy days out and not wanting to get lost in the abyss of spending enough money that it could pay off the mortgage. I genuinely believe we can have a blinking great month of December without it costing an arm and a leg. Let’s all remember it’s about being together and sharing some quality time with our loved ones.

So, with this in mind, I’ve been doing my research in order to bring you, the lovely people of Fife my list of Great Value Christmas Activities and hopefully provide a little inspiration if you’re starting to think about what you’d like to get up to.

1. Take A Trip To Carnegie Hall

We all love going to the Theatre at Christmas time for a fun-filled family trip. I doubt very much that we like how much it can cost for the whole family to see a Christmas show. It can be eye watering. For the last 3 years we’ve visited Carnegie Hall and seen some brilliant shows that guess what, have NOT cost an arm and a leg.

I was so happy to see that not only is this year no different, but they have actually have a whole family festival going on this Winter.


For parents of children under the age of 8 you would be mad not to check out at least one of the 3 stage performances they lined up – all for only £5 a ticket.

First up from 7th-9th December is Shhhh…The Elves Are Shy, an interactive site specific show that looks just magical and that we will DEFINITELY be checking out.

Then from 12th-16th December is a fantastic show that we’ve actually seen previously at another venue and loved, The Attic. You join Lucy and Grandma exploring their attic and taking a fun-filled trip down memory lane.


Lastly on stage from 21st-23rd December is Little Ullaa fabulous Christmas story about a little goat named Ulla who also happens to be the local postie, and her plan (with the help of the audience) to ensure that Mr Hans will not go without receiving lots of Christmas cards.

Little_Ulla_by_Tim_Morozzo 29 - Copy.jpg

On screen there will be special screenings of what are surely the best three Christmas films of all time at only £3 a ticket:

Elf on 9th December

Home Alone on 16th December

It’s a Wonderful Life on 23rd December.

I absolutely love going to see a screening of a classic in a theatre. You just don’t get the same atmosphere in the big name cinemas (in my opinion) so I would definitely recommend snuggling down in the Carnegie Hall with your family and a ton of popcorn for at least one of these great films.

And guess what?! I’m delighted to be working with Carnegie Hall able to offer 10 FREE tickets to Elf. Go check out my Facebook page for more information and to get your entry in!

2. Watch Dunfermline’s Christmas Light Switch On

Santa will be coming to Dunfermline on Saturday 18th November and, bonus, going along won’t cost you a penny!

There will be entertainment on stage from 2pm at the Glen Gates, followed by a parade of local clubs, artists and charities at 4.15pm and then the big switch on at 5pm by the big guy himself.

Alongside all of this, Dunfermline Delivers and the Fire Station Creative have organised community markets which will be open from 10-5pm on Saturday 18th November and then 11-4pm on Sunday 19th.


3. Attend Dobbies Family Fun Day

I always find that garden centres go all out on their Christmas displays and the kids absolutely love it.

This year we will visit Dobbies in Dunfermline to check out their decorations, have a wee hot chocolate and get some present ideas.

They also have their annual grotto and breakfast or tea with Santa, for which you can find details here.

But for really great value why not get booked in for their Family Fun Day which takes place on Saturday 18th November from 1-4pm and is only £2 a ticket! Not only that, all proceeds go to charity. Tickets can only be purchased in-store so if you’re interested in this one I’d get along soon. Also…a little birdie told me Santa will perhaps show face here. Boy, he is busy in December!

4. Visit Fairley’s Garden Centre

I know I’ve just written a whole section about Dobbies but I have to give mention to the local garden centres, which I have found, often have really great Christmas displays of their own. We had a great trip to Fairley’s Garden Centre at Christmas time last year with some friends, where we had lunch (cheap!) and spent ages pottering around the garden centre checking out their display. This is becoming our annual trip we’ve decided. So, don’t pass them by. If you have a little garden centre close to you, why not go in and see what they have on offer?

5. Get Involved in Christmas Craft Events 

Crafting has become so popular again in recent years and I’ve found a whole host of local companies are running Christmas crafty events. I love this idea. I’m rubbish at anything crafty so very much like the idea of taking the kids along to something where actual talented people can help them (and tidy up afterwards).

I would recommend you have a look The Junket Tea Room’s Facebook page as they are hosting a Card Making Class on Sunday 19th November form 2-4pm, run by the lovely Jess from The Ricketty Desk. Tickets are only £7.50 and include all materials plus a wee snack. It’s almost sold out so if this is up your street contact The Junket now.  They’re also hosting a Craft Class on Sunday 10th December which is £15 a ticket and as at today, still has a couple of spaces left.


Last but certainly not least, The Ecology Centre in Kinghorn has Elf Crafts on 10th December for little ones aged 0-12 at £5 a ticket. You can get more information on this event on their website here.

I do hope I’ve been able to provide some inspiratation for some great days for you and your family in the run up to Christmas that don’t break the bank.

If you’re from the Fife area and know of any other great value activities do let me know. Likewise if you’re a local business and you want to spread the word pre-Christmas get in touch and I’ll see what I can do!





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