*Review* Aladdin at the Adam Smith Theatre

We were excited to be invited by OnFife Theatres to review their 2017 Panto, Aladdin at the Adam Smith Theatre. As the show was in the evening we didn’t think it was a good idea to take L so I opted to make it a mum and son night and me and T went along ourselves.

Normally I take T to see the smaller family shows that Carnegie Hall (also part of the OnFife family) puts on but the time was right to introduce him to his first panto. I did carry on the tradition by taking Lo to see Shhh…The Elves are Shy at Carnegie Hall though and although this run is now complete I would recommend to anyone with little ones under 5 that you check out Little Ulla, which runs from Thursday 21st-Saturday 23rd with tickets only £5.

Anyway, back to Saturday. As this was T’s first panto experience, it took some persuading that it was actually ok to shout out during the performance. Once he realised I wasn’t having him on he was beyond excited and couldn’t sit still. It was great to see the genuine glee on his face.

It’s been a while since I went to a panto myself and I wasn’t sure if it would all be like it used to. I was relieved to find that it was a classic, old school, traditional pantomime, with all the usual hilarity, breaking out of character and audience interaction that you would expect.

The cast worked really well together and T was particularly a fan of Wishee Washee, played by Gordon Brandie (we all thought him dishy) and the genie (Ryan Ferrie). I thought Widow Twankey, played by Derek McGhie was hilarious and enjoyed all the adult only jokes while T just laughed at his/her slapstick humour.

photo credit: Walter Neilson

Of course Aladdin (Mathew Tomlinson) and the Princess (Ashley Andrew) were very sweet and the ensemble cast and local children and young people were great too. I’m such a softie that I just well up with parental pride thinking about these young people putting their all into a show like this, alongside school.

photo credit: Walter Neilson

T did find the baddie, Abanazar (Colin Little), a bit scary and had to be distracted whenever he was on stage, but it was to be expected at this was the first time in seeing a big show on stage in a different environment to the usual studio shows we take him too. All the other children took great delight in booing him every time he set foot on stage so it was clearly just T who took issue with him.

photo credit: Walter Neilson

The show was lots of loud, bonkers and lots of fun for the whole family. I would highly recommend it. OH YES I WOULD. (I’m sorry, it had to be done).

For last-minute availability check out the OnFife website here

Merry Christmas!




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