Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

Let’s all be honest. New Year’s resolutions don’t work.

And here’s why.

We spend December living excessively. Eating and drinking pretty much constantly from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep. Routine is thrown out the window and we just live moment to moment. And the media encourages this with non-stop food and drink adverts everywhere we look. So, by the time the month ends so have the adverts and they’ve been replaced with the diet and exercise ones. So we feel crap about what we’ve consumed and how we look. Then we start nit-picking about other aspects of our lives. ‘We don’t go out enough’, ‘I’m a bad parent because I hate pretending to be a ‘insert animal here’, ‘the kids watch too much tv’, ‘I look at my phone too much’ and so on.

And we resolve to be better people.Β  Eat less ‘bad stuff’, start an eating plan, stop looking at social media all the time, cut down on the Gin intake or whatever else you think is ‘bad’.

Then come the end of January we’ve failed miserably and feel crap about ourselves again!

Has anyone ended a year feeling positive about having achieved this type of resolution?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely in the mood for eating a bit better and moving a bit more. But only because I’m at risk of turning into a bit of cheese and quite fancy a bit of normality. Not because I’m getting sucked into this negative thinking and feeling disgusted by myself.

That being said, I quite like reflecting at the end of a year and thinking about the year that’s passed and the year ahead. And thinking about some positive goals.

I don’t always achieve them but I think I do make some changes. So years back before the plastic bag ban I decided not to use any more plastic bags than I had. I did get caught out a few times when I didn’t have a bag to hand but I did use them less, and still rarely have to buy one. I also resolved last year to give to our local food bank each month and again didn’t quite manage it, but I have given more than I would have if I hadn’t made that resolution.

So I think if it’s a positive based goal it can only be a good thing.

This year I won’t say I’m going to stop being a grumpy mum, because this ain’t going to happen, unless my kids have woken up resolving never to act like wee assholes again.

Instead I’m resolving to be more grateful! I have a blinking amazing family and even though we annoy the hell out of each other, they areΒ my world! and we have a lot of adventures together.

I’m going to write little reminders of good things that we have experienced throughout the year and keep them in a little jar! Not every single week, or at set times, but just when I want to. And then I look back and be reminded that we have had yet another (mainly) happy year!

That and actually use a diary, because it’s getting just a smidge embarrassing when the other parents at school have to remind me about every.single.event. Also, because, look how cool my new diary is. I actually want to use it!


So, my general point is, negative-based resolutions where you’re basically making yourself feel bad are never going to work, or make you happy. And those based around positivity can be great!

Resolve to be happy, be grateful, be kind and embrace new experiences and I’m sure 2018 will take care of itself!

Finally, a thank you from me. I started this little blog in April 2017 with literally no clue what it entailed, except that it looked fun. It’s much, much MUCH harder work than I had thought it would be , but it’s growing slowly but surely and that’s just because you lovely lot keep reading and liking and commenting, so thank you for sticking it out with me. I’m very grateful. (There we go, my first note for the jar!)

Would love to hear your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions. Send your comments and DMs my way.



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