Why You Should Travel Without Children

I realise this topic is going to be controversial but let me start by making it clear I’m not saying NEVER TAKE YOUR KIDS AWAY WITH YOU. If you read my blog or follow me on social media you’ll see that I love going on adventures, near and far, as a family.

We’ve been away the four of us, with friends, with extended family and, shock horror….either just the two of us or each with our own friends.

All the trips we’ve been on have been amazing in their own ways.

Aside from work trips I’ve only ever gone away for 1 or 2 nights in the past to go to birthdays, weddings and hen do’s. Until I recently went on a trip with my best friend. A trip for no reason other than we wanted to go away for a few days together.

We planned and saved small amounts for two years. Two whole years. But as the time to go away became closer I had a serious case of the mum-guilt.

How selfish were we to go away and leave our children for 5 days!

It wasn’t a work trip, we didn’t HAVE to go away, it was 100% because we wanted to. And this knowledge did make me feel bad. I found myself pre-empting the judgemental questions and defending myself before anyone had even said anything, explaining that I see the kids more than ever now that I work from home. I also didn’t want to seem like I was ‘too excited’ about going away without the family.

That, coupled with a lot of the conversation being about how dad would ‘cope’ stopped me in my tracks.

It’s interesting that there still seems to be this notion of dads being babysitters, as opposed to joint caregivers. There’s certainly none of the ‘how will you cope’ chat whenever Alan goes on a trip.

I also remembered that I’ve spoken before about mum guilt, how we need to stop beating ourselves up and how society as a whole needs to back off and let parents make their own choices. So there I was, not listening to my own advice.

The last time Alan went away he had said how it was a nice break not have to think about anyone other than himself for a few days. Quite right! And he reminded me of this before I went and said I should do the same. Enjoy being a bit selfish.

So I did!


We stayed up late, drank in the middle of the day, read our books, walked and walked and walked without having to stop ten million times with snack bribes…actually finished sentences. Utter bliss!

Taking the children to see new places and experiencing trips with them is of course amazing. I love seeing their little faces when they see something new. And I love being able to relax the rules and let them run around wild.

But likewise, if you’re lucky enough to be given an opportunity to go away for a few days without them, do it. It’s a great chance to let your brain relax, to see sights that you may otherwise miss, eat where and when you want….and to have as much vino as you fancy. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a little selfish now and again. It’s self care isn’t it. We all deserve to look after ourselves a little.

So, I’m already planning the next girls trip and I can’t wait.





19 thoughts on “Why You Should Travel Without Children

  1. Cardiff Mummy Says - Cathryn

    I’ve just booked a trip to Milan with three of my best friends for three nights/four days. My children are 8,6 and 4 and I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve been away in the U.K. for one, sometimes two, nights, but never abroad. Like you, I am feeling guilty but I know I deserve this. Like you say, just to read a book, have a lie in, not to have to do anything for anyone else. Such an adventure!

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    1. amummoreordinary

      We definitely do. The thing is, the kids barely remember us being gone by the time we’re back and normal life resumes, but for us it’s been a great way of recharging the batteries. Cx


  2. Jenny

    I need to be better at doing this! I haven’t had a day to myself in 4 years but I reckon I’d have to deal with the mum-guilt. I’m hoping that at least when they head off to school in 18 months I can have the days back to myself – then I’ll work on a trip-away somewhere just for me!

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    1. amummoreordinary

      Wow you deserve a medal for surviving all this time without a single day. I need one every couple of weeks 😉 You’ll have a fab time when the time does come for you to do something for yourself I’m sure of it 🙂 Cx


  3. Lauren Davis

    I don’t have kids but I’ve always said when I do have them I want them to fit into my life, not the other way round. Easy to say that I miss my fur abby when I go away lol! Good for you for making the choice to put you first.

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  4. John Milnes

    Going to new places with the kids can give them a more valuable education that teaching them from the classroom. They get to see it with their own eyes and experience things that they never would from a classroom.

    Awesome post.

    John M

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  5. lambandbear

    I’m desperate to go away with my other half without the kids. I’ve asked him if we can save up and go to see the Northern Lights next year. Parents deserve time to switch off for a bit and relax! x

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  6. edinmummy

    Yep, definitely. If you get the chance do it for sure. I holidayed in Copenhagen last year with no children and no husband. Was amazing and felt like a different person at the end of it. No guilt, although not everyone agreed I should go. Wrote a post about it before I left, the follow up is still to come.


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