Hi, I’m Claire,

This is me and my family

A newcomer to the blogging world in 2017, I had the idea of writing my own blog after following so many other great parenting and travel related accounts.

Like lots of other people I felt that I’d maybe lost a little of myself when I became a mum. I don’t mean that in any kind of regretful way, just that my hobbies and interests kind of fell by the wayside a little. Starting this blog was my way of doing something for me, whilst also still talking about them (because let’s face it, it’s pretty much all you talk about when you become a parent).

Me: A 30 (ish) Scottish wife and mum of almost 6 year-old T and almost 3 year-old L. A lover of order, lists, travel, books and theatre, this blog is my account of family life, travel and our adventures.

A Mum More Ordinary will always be ‘my’ real account of our lives – the good, bad and downright sh*t. Don’t follow me if you’re after crafting ideas, I stuck an ‘easy-make’ Easter bonnet to the table just hours before writing this. Do follow me if you fancy seeing an ordinary mum doing her thing.

I hope you enjoy reading.



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