Bucket List

Verona – June 2016

Ok, not sure that ‘Bucket List’ is the right title for this page. On my lifetime experiences will definitely be visiting East Asia, road tripping through the U.S and visiting some exotic islands.

However, AMMO is all about embracing the NOW, seeking out and embracing new adventures, and quite frankly, we can’t afford the above adventures just yet. So, in the interests of keeping things, well, interesting, this Bucket List will be a rolling list of 10 to-dos for the 12 months ahead and will include day-trips, UK adventures and some farther afield journeys.

Wish us luck and please do follow our adventure pages to see how we get on.

2017 New Experiences Wish List..

  1. A Scottish Island. Being Scottish it’s shameful that I have yet to visit ANY of the Islands, so it makes sense that ticking any Scottish Island off the list should be number 1.
  2. Barcelona, Spain. Cheating with this one as it’s already booked in. Child-free siesta time here I come.
  3. Loch Ness, Scotland. Technically I have actually been, but raving at Rockness doesn’t really count. Taking the kids and being aware of my surroundings I’m sure will be a whole other experience.
  4. Go Glamping.
  5. Xabia – Spain. Again cheating as this will be our ‘big’ holiday of 2017, but you know…
  6. Krakow, Poland.
  7. Aviemore, Scotland.
  8. Glasgow Science Centre, Scotland.
  9. Bag a Munro.
  10. Experience a family friendly festival.