The Renovation Journey #2

Update number 2 finds us with a house that still looks like a complete building site with only 6 weeks till we want to move in. We’re almost two weeks behind schedule with an aim to move in on December 10th now.

Our windows are pretty much in but we realised our bedroom window looks ridiculous as it’s too big and squashed right up against one wall. So now we’re having to remove this, build up a wall, move the window to the left and put in a smaller window. We also made an error with some privacy glass that we thought would look cool while providing privacy from our people being able to look in. Mistake. So, that also has to be removed and replaced. And we also found some rotting floorboards so these need replaced/repaired which is taking some time to fix. So I think it’s a bit of a race against time to get the prep work done in time for the heating to be done next week.

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The Renovation Journey #1

I have just realised that despite adding a whole area to the website about the house project and setting up a little Instagram account dedicated just to that (@alessordinaryhome if you’re interested), I haven’t actually penned any updates.

In my defence though, it has taken weeks for work to get into full flow so it would be really boring if I wrote a whole post about how Alan and I ripped up the carpets and threw some stuff in a skip. That was genuinely about 2 weeks work as obviously we can only be doing things in the evenings!

However, we have progressed past us amateurs doing bits and pieces to the professionals taking over. The house looks horrendous just now with building materials everywhere and it’s easy to panic and wonder if it’ll ever start to look like an actual house that we can live in. If you saw the pictures on my last post about the house you’ll see that we literally need to do everything to it. And most of the things have to be done before we can live there. The building has been empty for a couple of years so we’re talking fixing leaks, putting in insulation, forming rooms, central heating, bathroom, kitchen, flooring, windows and doors. EVERYTHING!

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Why We Sold Our Beautiful House

What a few months it has been. Actually, what a 12 months it’s been. Last September Alan and I viewed the empty NHS building right next door to our house. We only went to see it out of nosiness, with no real intentions of doing anything with it. However after seeing the size of the building and the potential to do our own grand design project we started to think more seriously about it. So we decided to put in a really low offer and see where it would take us. After going to a closing date and then making us wait weeks afterwards we found out that our offer had been accepted.

That was the start of what was to be a really stressful following 10 months. We sold our house really quickly (as we had agreed to complete the sale within weeks of getting planning permission to turn the building into a residential property) and our buyers were extremely patient in agreeing a move in date, while we awaited the planning permission, then contended with the collapse of a ceiling, multiple building and mortgage surveys and a whole lot of to-ing and fro-ing as no one seemed to really know how to process this sale of a commercial building which was to become residential eventually. Our initial agreed completion date on both properties was in March. This came and went, as did the revised dates in April, May and June.

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